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6 Things to Consider for a Purchase of a Small Business
Selling Restaurants
3 Valuation Approaches
Business Buying Guide
Are Business Buyer Notes Profitable?


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6 Things to Consider for a Purchase of a Small Business

New Business Buyers

6 things to consider for a purchase of a small business

1. Your Own Money - use your own assets, bank accounts, home mortgage, IRA, retirement funds, CD's
mutual funds, and stocks.

2. Seller Financing - a loan set by the seller on a loan term that is fully negotiable between you and the seller. Depending on the purchase amount the seller financing can amount to 30% to 60% of the purchase price.

3. SBA Loans - bank loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. (7A loans) help individuals get loans up to $5 million to be able to purchase a business.

Selling Restaurants

There is hope for business owners that want to Restaurant Business for Sale by Owner.  I have the Top Ten List to earn more income, prepare to sell your business in the market and get organized. Exit easily and get prepared.  Follow me at

3 Valuation Approaches

3 Valuation Approaches

Income Approach, Asset Approach, Market Approach

Income Approach - analyses earnings, liabilities and profit margins in which the owner and investors
                            need to be able to determine if the business is viable to generate profits in future 
                            production and good investment to take over and provide for the next level.

Business Buying Guide

Are Business Buyer Notes Profitable?

Write your post here.Like anything else, it depends on the type of business you're selling. Business buyer notes are documents secured by a business, much like a mortgage broker except there is no real estate involved. Often, personal property like cooking equipment, furniture, and office equipment obligates one individual or company to make payments, usually monthly, to another person or company. Businesses are sold without the help of bank financing; this makes it much easier for a person to bu.

Simple Business selling guide will provide easy simple direction to business seller what to do on business selling process.

Business Selling Process 

1. Determining the fair market value of the business 
2. Set Preparing all books and records for prospective buyers 
3. Putting the business on the market 
4. Dealing with the potential buyer 
5. Recieving an offer 
6. Negociation - Price, Terms, and Condition 
7. Accepting an offer 
8. Provide all necessary books and records to the buyer 
9. Work with the buyer to remove all contingencies of the contract 
10. Signing the closing statement (1~3 days before the closing date at the escrow)